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Book Club meets the first Tuesday of the month *CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

Geek Book Club meets the second Tuesday of the month, *CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

Foodie Book Club meets the last Tuesday of the month, *CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*


Book Club

The Book Club meets the first Tuesday of the month. Join us this month, April 7th at 6:30PM. *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19*

March Selection

A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum

Palestine, 1990. Seventeen-year-old Isra prefers reading books to entertaining the suitors her father has chosen for her. Her desires are irrelevant, however-over the course of a week, the naive and dreamy girl finds herself betrothed, the married, and soon living in Brooklyn. There Isra struggles to adapt to the expectations of her oppressive mother-in-law, Fareeda, and her strange new husband, Adam: a pressure that intensifies as she begins to have children-four daughters instead of the sons Isra is expected to bear.

Brooklyn, 2008. At her grandmother's insistence, eighteen-year-old Deya must meet with potential husbands, though her only desire is to go to college. Her grandmother is firm on the matter, however: the only way to secure a worthy future for Deya is through marriage to the right man. But fate has a will of its own, and soon Deya will find herself on an unexpected path that leads her to shocking truths that will force her to question everything she thought she knew about her family, the past, and her own future.

Set in an America at once foreign to many and staggeringly close at hand, A Woman Is No Man is a story of culture and honor, secrets and betrayals, love and violence. It is an intimate glimpse into a controlling and closed cultural world, and a universal tale about family and the ways silence and shame can destroy those we have sworn to protect.

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Geek Book Club

The Geek Book Club meets the second Tuesday of the month at the back of the store. Join us this month, April 14th at 7:00PM. *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19*

April Selection

6255949A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex White

Boots Elsworth was a famous treasure hunter in another life, but now she’s washed up. She makes her meager living faking salvage legends and selling them to the highest bidder, but this time she might have stumbled on something real–the story of the Harrow, a famous warship, capable of untold destruction.

Nilah Brio is the top driver in the Pan Galactic Racing Federation and the darling of the racing world–until she witnesses the murder of a fellow racer. Framed for the murder and on the hunt to clear her name, Nilah only has one lead: the killer also hunts a woman named Boots.

On the wrong side of the law, the two women board a smuggler’s ship that will take them on a quest for fame, for riches, and for justice.



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Foodie Book Club

Foodie Book Club meets the last Tuesday of the month, April 28th at 7:00PM.

February Selection:

Something from the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America by Laura Shapiro

A narrative history of how American home cooking changed in the 1950s--from anti-cooking marketing to Julia Child. In this surprising history, Laura Shapiro recounts the prepackaged dreams that bombarded American kitchens during the fifties. Faced with convincing homemakers that foxhole food could make it in the dining room, the food industry put forth the marketing notion that cooking was hard; opening cans, on the other hand, wasn't. But women weren't so easily convinced by the canned and plastic-wrapped concoctions, and a battle for both the kitchen and the true definition of homemaker ensued. Full of wry observation, this is a fun and illuminating look back at a crossroads in American cooking.


Foodie Book Club members receive 20% off their purchase.