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Book Club meets the first Tuesday of the month, February 4th at 6:30pm.

Geek Book Club meets the second Tuesday of the month, February 11th at 7:00pm.

Foodie Book Club meets the third to last Tuesday of the month, January 28th at 7:00pm.


Book Club

The Book Club meets the first Tuesday of the month. Join us this month, February 4th at 6:30PM. 

February Selection

The Paragon Hotel by Lyndsay Faye

The year is 1921, and "Nobody" Alice James has arrived in Oregon with a bullet wound, a lifetime's experience battling the New York Mafia, and fifty thousand dollars in illicit cash. She befriends Max, a black Pullman porter who saves alice by leading her to the Paragon Hotel. But her unlikely sanctuary turns out to be an all-black hotel in a Jim Crow ciy, and its lodgers seem terrified of a white woman on the premises. As she meets the churlish Dr. Pendleton, the stately Mavereen, and the club chanteuse Blossom Fontaine, she understands their dread.

The Klu Klux Klan has arrived in Portland in fearful numbers- burning crosses, infiltrating newspapers, and brutalizing blacks. And only Alice and her new Paragon "family" are searching for a missing mulatto child who has vanished into the woods. To untangle the web of lies around her, Alice will have to answer for her own past too.




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Geek Book Club

The Geek Book Club meets the second Tuesday of the month at the back of the store. Join us this month, January 14th at 7PM.

February Selection

6255949The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch

Shannon Moss is part of a clandestine division within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In western Pennsylvania, 1997, she is assigned to solve the murder of a Navy SEAL’s family—and to locate his vanished teenage daughter. Though she can’t share the information with conventional law enforcement, Moss discovers that the missing SEAL was an astronaut aboard the spaceship U.S.S. Libra—a ship assumed lost to the currents of Deep Time. Moss knows first-hand the mental trauma of time-travel and believes the SEAL’s experience with the future has triggered this violence.

Determined to find the missing girl and driven by a troubling connection from her own past, Moss travels ahead in time to explore possible versions of the future, seeking evidence to crack the present-day case. To her horror, the future reveals that it’s not only the fate of a family that hinges on her work, for what she witnesses rising over time’s horizon and hurtling toward the present is the Terminus: the terrifying and cataclysmic end of humanity itself.


Geek Book Club members receive 20% off their purchase. 



Foodie Book Club

Foodie Book Club meets the third to last Tuesday of the month, January 28th at 7:00pm.

January Selection:

The Best American Food Writing 2019 by Samin Nosrat

“Good food writing evokes the senses,” writes Samin Nosrat, best-selling author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and star of the Netflix adaptation of the book. “It makes us consider divergent viewpoints. It makes us hungry and motivates us to go out into the world in search of new experiences. It charms and angers us, breaks our hearts, and gives us hope. And perhaps most importantly, it creates empathy within us.” Whether it’s the dizzying array of Kit Kats in Japan, a reclamation of the queer history of tapas, or a spotlight on a day in the life of a restaurant inspector, the work in The Best American Food Writing 2019 will inspire you to pick up a knife and start chopping, but also to think critically about what you’re eating and how it came to your plate, while still leaving you clamoring for seconds.


Foodie Book Club members receive 20% off their purchase.