Park Road Books' Consignment Program

Congratulations on publishing your book! All the work you have done thus far is something to be proud of. Thank you for including Park Road Books in the next steps of your book’s journey.

How do I get my book on the shelves at Park Road Books? 

If your book is published by a major publisher (Random House, Penguin, Harper Collins, etc.) or is available through Baker & Taylor and is returnable, please contact us directly by e-mail at

If your book is self-published, self-promoted, or published through a small press, Park Road Books offers a consignment program. Consignment allows us to carry and feature a larger selection of local authors and other self-published or print-on demand books that we would otherwise be unable to carry. If this sounds like a fit for your book, keep on reading!

If you need help determining which your book would be, contact 

Consignment Policy

Please read completely! 

PRB charges a $25 handling fee for each title taken on consignment. We will waive the fee for current members of Women’s National Book Association Charlotte Chapter and the Charlotte Writers’ Club.

PRB will pay 60% of the retail price to the author. PRB will only pay for items that were sold through our register.

PRB will initially take 5 copies of the book. During the consignment period, PRB may contact the author to request additional quantities.

PRB will pay for any books sold on a semi-annual basis (end of January & end of July).

PRB agrees to carry consignment books for 12 months.

PRB will donate to a non-profit organization those books left by authors more than a month after authors have been contacted to pick up their book. 

ALL correspondence regarding consignment will be done via email. It is author’s responsibility to ensure that we always have a current email address/ phone number during the consignment period. 

ALL shipping charges are the responsibility of the author. 

DAMAGED or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the author. 

AUTHORS must add PRB to their list of places to purchase the book in promotional materials & link to our website. 

CONSIGNMENT form, consignment fee, & 5 copies of the book, MUST be received before an event will be scheduled.


Fill out the form below and bring it into the store along with five copies of your book. Anyone behind the counter will be able to help you complete the consignment process.

If you have any questions about the consignment program, please email  

How can I get my book listed on 

Our online inventory database is through the ABA and; you can add your book or make changes to their database at this link. You will need to create a free account to do so.

My book is already on consignment at Park Road Books! How can I help promote it?

What a great question! Here are some things you can do:

  • Tell everyone you know – friends, family, co-workers, CATS bus drivers, people you pass on the street, etc. – that your book is available at Park Road Books.
  • Create easy-to-carry, free promotional materials – bookmarks, postcards, book-specific business cards. Ask businesses and other community spaces if they will set them out for their customers – we have a place for free bookmarks so make sure you drop some off here!
  • Put together a press kit – a press release, author bio, and high-resolution images of the book cover as well as your headshot are a few things that should be included. Look around online for more suggestions from publicists and other authors. Having a press kit already put together will make your future networking run much more smoothly.
  • Reach out to local papers, radio stations, and other media groups. You never know who might be interested in running a story on you and your book.
  • Contact libraries, book clubs, community groups, or schools (if your book is for children) and let them know you’ve written a book. Be willing to provide a free copy or two to people in charge, if that’s what it takes for them to show an interest. Local writers’ groups are another place to go!
  • Take advantage of your social media presence but be conscientious. Be sure to curate your posts so people are neither over- nor underwhelmed. Build relationships via social media, promote discussions, and build an online community – don’t use social media as just another commercial space.
  • Last but definitely not least – have an author signing at Park Road Books! (See below.) 

My book is on consignment at Park Road Books, and I’ve been promoting it in the Charlotte area. I think it’s time for an author event!

Awesome! We love being a place for authors to come and meet their readers. We do receive a large number of event requests, so please consider the following before you reach out to schedule an event:

  • Many local authors approach us for a book signing soon after their book has been published. While signings immediately after a book’s publication might be successful if lots of people have been waiting for your book to be published, most of our authors, especially our authors with books on consignment, find that waiting at least a few months after publication results in a more successful event. That gives you time to promote your book (see above) and get people excited about your book. 
  • We generally host two types of events: an open-house signing where we put the author near the front door for the duration of the event, and a reading/signing where we set up the author in the back of the store where the author reads/talks for a while, answers questions, and then signs books. Most of our authors find they prefer the first format because it allows for more conversation with potential readers – they have a chance to promote their book to anyone that walks in the bookstore! 
  • We post our list of author events to our website and Facebook, as well as on Creative Loafing CLT, Eventful, and the Observer’s online events calendar. We also post signs in the store. No matter who you are or which publisher you are with, all other publicity is up to the author and publisher! 

For more information about hosting an event, take a look at the consignment events form below and send it back to the events email.

To submit a request for an event, please email