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All monsters are scary - or are they? On Halloween night, a trick-or-treater finds out for herself when she visits an old house rumored to be haunted. Upon entering, she meets a ghost, a witch, a vampire, and a mummy. However, these monsters are not scary at all. Instead, they all need assistance. They've been SCARY-O-TYPED! After she helps solve their problems, she receives the best treat of all - an unexpected friendship.

Beautifully illustrated and well written in rhyme, Scary-O-Typed! is a warm, funny picture book for children of all ages that can be enjoyed throughout the year.


Author Bio:

Susan Pless is the author of her debut picture book, SCARY-O-TYPED! (HOWLO HOUSE, 2023). A local children's writer from Concord, North Carolina, her work has been published in Turtle Magazine, Your Big Backyard, Boys' Quest, Children's Playmate, Ladybug, and Ignite the Spark Publications (Volume 1 & 2). Her passion was English and writing while attending UNC Chapel Hill. Inspired by her own two children, she carried that passion to the page. SCARY-O-TYPED! holds a special place in her heart because the words were brought to life by the talented illustrator her daughter, Hanna Smith.

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