Lindsay New Beginnings

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Lindsay is the first book in a series of five books to get published. Lindsay is about a princess who wants to escape an arranged marriage to the prince Nicholas; she disguises herself and runs away to America. She is a Christian and an artist and she takes in a teenage drug addict prostitute named Debbie and tells her about God. To get Debbie away from her pimp they move from New York City to Washington, D.C. Lindsay becomes a nanny to two children of a Senator. She becomes friends with this guy named Peter who is running for Congress. She falls in love with Peter but is forced to go back home to Scotland due to a family emergency with her father. She must decide between marrying out of duty or following her heart and the will of God. There are three books in the Lindsay book series-Lindsay is book 1, Lindsay Finds Love is book 2 about how Lindsay and Peter fight to be together despite their differences as he is an American politician, and she is a European princess, and Lindsay book 3-New Beginnings about their new life as a married couple in America and adjusting to life as a normal wife and eventual mother. They deal with adversity through faith during an attack on their family when someone from Lindsay’s past comes to America to start trouble for them.

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