The Iguana's Scroll

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Fourteen-year-old Oliver García never envisioned he’d become a hero. As the son of immigrants, he’d settle for just fitting in. But when a flying feathered serpent guides him into Tenochprima Academy, he doesn’t just learn he’s capable of magic; he discovers he’s the only person in the world blessed with all three forms of it.

Which ends up being a problem.

After the faculty witness the extent of his abilities during a Day of the Dead ceremony, their faces tell him everything he needs to know. They dread him. And for good reason. The last person who possessed his talents had been a powerful politician who’d ended up in jail. What for? None of the students know. The adults won’t talk about it.

Desperate to clear his name, Oliver seeks out a relic from a past age—the Iguana’s Scroll. According to his visions, the school’s Founders left it behind for him to find. But that had been over three hundred years ago. How had they known he’d need help? They foresaw his coming. And the return of the politician.

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