Scars and Stripes

Bruce Stewart and Dianne Stewart

From the southern tip of the African continent to the East Coast of the USA, and from the silence of Capitol Hill and the House Judiciary to the aggression of the US Embassy in Ireland, Scars & Stripes is a family’s 20-year journey through the US Immigration System. From the flames of 9/11 to corrupt and incompetent immigration attorneys and a dysfunctional immigration system, a new American family is challenged by inconsistent immigration rulings and forced to self-deport to Ireland, where they become embroiled in a scandal involving US diplomats and allegations of Irish passports being copied and supplied to Mossad hit-squads.


Bruce and Dianne Stewart are South Africans who started their emigration to the USA in 2001 with two small children. Their journey through the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service lasted 20 years. Bruce, a former South African assistant district attorney, provides advanced reading skills and intelligence training to corporate executives, business schools and various branches of the US Military. Dianne runs a successful Public Relations and Social Media Consultancy. Together, Bruce and Dianne offer a concierge relocation educational and advisory service to prospective immigrants to the USA through PathwayUSA.

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