Olivia S.B. presents Pretending Not to Care

Feeling left out is not an experience that is exclusive to any one group of people. This is a common theme of many stories, both fictitious and factual, for a reason. How to deal with the feeling of being left out, and oftentimes the loneliness that may accompany this feeling, however, is something that some people find hard to master. What do you do with uncomfortable realities? Do you let them define who you are? Do you let them empower you? Pretending Not to Care is a collection of poems that highlight a journey of self-recognition and reflection. From being a minority in society to falling in and out of love this collection follows only a sliver of the path of a young writer who is only beginning to understand her position in the world, and what it means to have a voice.  

Author Bio:

Olivia S. B. is a young writer who is currently an undergraduate student at Wake Forest University. “Flying”, Olivia's first poem, was written in the eighth grade and was the first of many to be featured in a seasonal anthology composed of other student writers. Her first poetry slam in high school began a pattern of sharing her poetry aloud and she continued to share throughout her college career. Now, Olivia continues to challenge herself by reading and writing during her free time.  Pretending Not to Care is the first of many future collections of poetry to reflect on her experiences, hopes, fears, and identities. 




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