Marilyn Lueking presents Mikey and Tom Cat


Mikey and Tom Cat is a children’s story that she wrote to entertain her grandchildren.  Coupled with Kathleen Ferry’s incredible India ink illustrations, this is a fun book about a hungry little catfish, a spikey haired boy, and random acts of kindness. A true fish tale.

Author Bio:

Marilyn Lueking grew up in a large family, in the small rural town of Carlyle, Illinois. Her desire to write children stories began when she became a Grandmother.  She enjoys writing stories that entertain but also include a lesson of family values.

Even though in her past, Marilyn only caught one fish and released the other, her characters are loveable little catfish, created and inspired by her family's zany personalities.  Marilyn's out of the box humor and imagination entertains readers, but her goal is to encourage children to practice random acts of kindness.

Marilyn Lueking and her husband live in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.


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Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
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