Laurie Smithwick presents Gone Dogs: Tales of Dogs We've Loved

There have been books about dogs for as long as there have been printing presses. Thousands of books. Books written by famous authors. Books filled with wondrous stories about the magical bond between humans and canines. Suffice it to say, it’s a pretty popular genre.

So why Gone Dogs?

Because this book is different. Yes, it’s about the love affair we have with dogs, but it’s not one story, by one author, about one dog. It’s a collection of 50 stories by 50 authors about the dogs of their lifetimes. These highly personal accounts are beautiful, moving, and funny; and they will resonate with anyone who has ever loved a dog.

In short, Gone Dogs is a tribute to the dogs that have left us, written by the people who loved them.

Visit for more information, and to see how you can be part of our next volume. Because if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that people love their dogs. And we want to share all these love stories with the world.

Author Bio:

Jim Mitchem and Laurie Smithwick set out to create a crowd-sourced book about dogs in 2014. “Jim is a cat. And I’m a dog,” Laurie explains, describing their symbiotic relationship. “Jim even has a cat tattoo,” she adds. The irony is that Mitchem, a writer, has three dogs, and Smithwick, a designer, two cats. Their book, "Gone Dogs - Tales of Dogs We've Loved", was published in August 2019.



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