Jorj Morgan presents Canvas and Cusine

Canvas & Cuisine: The Art of the Fresh Market is a passport, inviting you to visualize a scene like a cobblestone street, winding down the Italian seaside town of Positano where merchants offer baskets of produce featuring locally grown artichokes. An artichoke, with its intoxicating allure, makes us feel and remember, hunger and crave. Do we wish for a dish of artichokes covered in salty-rich pesto, simmered in a tomato-wine broth or do we imagine a cluster of artichokes in a bowl arranged on a table? The burst of color, and depth of texture shows a certain zest for life. Home cooks feel the same way as the painter, plating meals for the people they love. The foodie consumes; the artist memorializes, and in this book, they come together as one, hungry entity, looking to be sated.

Canvas and Cuisine: The Art of the Fresh Market ensnares the senses of both the cook and the artist. You don't have to be one or the other to appreciate fresh ingredients at the heart of every recipe; this is but the preface of a great culinary tale. Where farm fresh ingredients come from, and how they are enjoyed in their native environments, are the climax. We take gorgeous food, chat about its use in native cuisine, and then bring it to the home cook’s kitchen – wherever that kitchen may be. Open this book, and you'll see a basket of potatoes in a Madrid open-air market that inspire "Patatas Bravas", a tapas dish that is a cross between the French frites and boiled potatoes with a kicked-up spicy sauce. You’ll see a painting of crates holding indigo-hued eggplants that inspire a dish of Vietnamese stew. You’ll see a bustling square reminiscent of London’s Borough market, inspiring a dish of English cheddar, apple and sausage stuffed acorn squash. The paintings are the inspiration for the globally inspired cuisine.

Author Bio:

Jorj Morgan is the author of six coveted cookbooks. She is committed to helping time-constrained home cooks prepare nourishing, delicious meals for family and friends alike. Some say she's on a mission to challenge and silence our crazy world, with a deeply contented and well sated burp. It seems like a fair assessment, considering this cooking diva's penchant for classic comfort food, served with a gourmet twist. Her expert foodie status comes from decades of experience in party planning, cookbook marketing, brand advocacy, and media campaigns, blitzing her recipes across popular blogs, Facebook, podcasts and Twitter. She is an experienced public speaker and cooking class instructor. More than just recipes, the traditions and philanthropy shared by Jorj’s kitchen benefit today’s families. To enhance her cooking, entertaining and lifestyle books, she maintains an active blog on her website She resides in Linville, North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina and in Jupiter, Florida.




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