John Sealy presents The Edge of America

Bobby West is on the edge. As chief financial officer for a Miami holding company and a CIA front, he has overleveraged his business in the go-go 1980s financial culture. He turns to a deal-with-the-devil money laundering operation with a local gangster, Alexander French—a deal which quickly goes south when $3 million goes missing. Now Mr. French, a group of Cuban exiles, and an Israeli smuggler named Adriana Chekhov are all after Bobby West to pay up. With echoes of Iran-Contra and the Orwellian surveillance state, The Edge of America is a stunning thriller about greed, power, and the limits of the American dream. Michel Stone, award-winning author of The Iguana Tree and Border Child says, “The Edge of America kept me up way too late, but I couldn’t put it down!....Jon Sealy’s adrenaline-fueled, action packed journey through Miami’s dark underbelly and beyond will keep readers’ hearts racing through its final word and will leave them hungry for Sealy’s next captivating read."

Author Bio:

Jon Sealy is a South Carolina native and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. He is the author of The Whiskey Baron (Hub City Press, 2014) and his stories have appeared in numerous magazines, including The South Carolina Review, The Normal School, and The Sun.


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