Jean Miller presents Confident in the Kitchen

Jean Miller is revolutionizing the way recipes are written.  She loves connecting with people and places to discover personal and regional favorite food traditions.  Jean then eagerly returns to her kitchen to test and capture each step in a new easy-to-read format outlining "What You Need" and "What to Do" and "WHY."  Each recipe provides all the tips and tricks you need to be "confident in the kitchen."

Author Bio:

When Jean went off to college, she abandoned the kitchen skills learned from her mother and started living on junk food. A king-sized Snickers bar washed down with a super-sized Crystal Light quickly became her idea of a complete breakfast. By the time she got married, the kitchen was a part of her past, and she was happy leaving it there. (No dishes!)

There was no need to change… her husband Mark liked to cook, and he had a stack of tasty recipes from his mother. So you can imagine her surprise when on their first Christmas, his mom gave her a beautifully wrapped present which held an equally beautiful cookbook.

Looking up in confusion, Jean asked: “Shouldn’t this say ‘To Mark’?”

Fast forward to two kids and a husband absent from dawn to dusk starting a new career. Finding herself back in the kitchen, it was an accomplishment just to get food to the table. (So many disasters!)

Jean wanted to do better. Taste tests became regular events.  When the kids got older and started taking on the family faves, they began asking lots of questions. She began to envision recipes in a new easy-to-read table format outlining “what you need” and “what to do” … and also “WHY.”

And so she found herself writing a cookbook...

Jean Miller lives in Uptown Charlotte, NC with the love of her life Mark.  She enjoys traveling and connecting with people through favorite food traditions and culinary experiences. She hopes that these recipes will empower kitchen adventures with friends and family.





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