Charlotte Readers Holiday Podcast with Landis Wade

Landis Wade came by the store to do a special recording of his podcast "Charlotte Readers Podcast". He interviewed some of the staff here at Park Road Books to find out what they are recommending to shoppers this holiday season.


He spoke to (in order) Sally Brewster (owner of the store), James Brewster, Megan Minard, Shauna Sinyard, and Sherri Smith. Even the store dog, Yola, had a pick for the pet lover in the family. 

"It’s often said that variety is the spice in life. It’s true in books, too. And we get a variety of tastes and the suggestions that go with them with the book-minded folks at Park Road Books." - Landis Wade

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.


Sally's Holiday Picks:























James' Holiday Picks:















Megan's Holiday Picks:















Shauna's Holiday Picks:















Sherri's Holiday Picks:

















Yola's Holiday Picks: