Midlife Marvels: Menopause, Retirement, Empty Nest, Oh My! (Paperback)

Midlife Marvels: Menopause, Retirement, Empty Nest, Oh My! By Kim Metzger Cover Image
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Embark on an intimate journey of self-discovery in Midlife Marvels, as Kim Metzger unveils her transformative quest through the intricate dance of menopause, retirement, and the empty nest. Witness her first steps into this uncharted terrain in 2016, peeling back layers of deferred emotions from her roles as a teacher, wife, and mother. This narrative candidly dissects the challenges posed by aging and mortality.

Midlife Marvels transcends memoir, emerging as a guide through the maze of midlife complexities. Explore how the author copes with the intricate web of emotions and the seemingly boundless stretches of time during this profound period. The manuscript unveils meticulously examined "Aha" moments, born of introspection fueled by journaling, drawing parallels between the landscapes of retirement and the empty nest.

The author's journey becomes a mirror reflecting the reader's transformative possibilities. As the final pages turn, find solace and guidance in a comprehensive compilation of treatments and solutions tailored to ease the challenges of transition. "Midlife Marvels" stands as a beacon, offering a roadmap for women navigating this intricate juncture, promising a path illuminated by shared wisdom and resilience.

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ISBN: 9798989654826
Publisher: Transcendent Publishing
Publication Date: February 19th, 2024
Pages: 168
Language: English