Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive (Hardcover)

Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive By Adalynd Grayves Cover Image
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The vampires want me dead. My ex wants to hire me and a demon just wants me. My name is Aaima, and all I want is to find out who killed my father and make them pay.

My gut tells me the vampires are responsible. But I need solid proof before I can take them on.

I also need help from Abraxas, one of the hottest demons around. As we work together to dig up concrete evidence, I'm uncovering more than I bargained for-a family secret that changes everything. This secret has Abraxas begging me to leave town and hide. But I'm not afraid to stand up and fight.

I won't back down now.

I know my sole focus should be on solving this case, but I can't get this hot-as-sin demon off my mind. There's also one little problem-convincing him that staying neutral to keep 'the balance' will not cut it this time.

Will he see things my way? Or am I making the second biggest mistake with my heart?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988954002
Publisher: Wanderlust Ink Press
Publication Date: August 16th, 2023
Pages: 348
Language: English