HOUSE SITTING AROUND THE WORLD - A Never Ending Holiday (Paperback)

HOUSE SITTING AROUND THE WORLD - A Never Ending Holiday By Jana Keller Cover Image
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"How to travel open end, simplify your life, and escape the day-to-day - a motivational travel logbook"An unforeseen circumstance triggers a 180 turn in the lives of Jana and her life partner Joe. An apparent disaster unfolds into the beginning of a magical travel journey.Jana's candid, humorous and down to earth travelogue offers interesting insights in how to draw a line under one's past and jump-start a completely different new life She meets the physical and emotional challenges of transitioning from an established home and career to the life of a full-time house-sitter and international nomad, with nothing but a 23kg suitcase to her name.As she explores introspective questions that house-sitting gave her the time to ask, it inspires the reader to reflect meaningful aspects of one's own habits, priorities, needs and moods.The author's willingness to share her tested practical & spiritual insights (including the explanation of how she went about it) makes this book especially valuable; a refreshing motivational travel journal, leaving the reader with a sense of accomplishment at letting go of an old life and excitement as the new emerges."Paradise is not a place, but what we make of it."This book is not only an entertaining account for pet-lovers but also a moving story about the kindness of strangers, the search for freedom and the courage to follow one's dreams. What You'll Discover- How decluttering affects life positively- How to transform possessions into travel budget - How to travel the world and stay anywhere for free- Tested & proven examples of attracting cashflow- How to evoke synchronicities (lucky circumstances)- The travel adventures a house-sitter's life can bring >>>> A Gift for YouHere is some extra support to ensure you take action on your dreams Those who get a copy of HOUSE-SITTING AROUND THE WORLD - A Never Ending Holiday will find at the end of the book a code to a membership discount for one of the most popular house-sitting platforms - meaning the book practically pays for itself.Get inspired for your own life-transforming sabbatical and pick-up your copy of 'HOUSE SITTING AROUND THE WORLD - A Never Ending Holiday' by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page. Enjoy the journey

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ISBN: 9798987892305
Publisher: Star Catcher
Publication Date: February 27th, 2023
Pages: 350
Language: English