Instant Pot Indian Vegan Cookbook: Save Time and Money with Restaurant Quality Dishes at Home (Hardcover)

Instant Pot Indian Vegan Cookbook: Save Time and Money with Restaurant Quality Dishes at Home By Raghupathi Cover Image
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A book that can save you time and money by preparing restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your home. This book is about succeeding at the kitchen and not just getting by or managing to put a meal together at the last minute. The fact that you are reading this shows me you have a desire to prepare quality meals that can "wow" your family and friends. First let me assure you that your goal is a very worthy one and second, you are not alone in this. The reason I put together a book such as this one is precisely to help fellow kitchen adventurers like me to have fun cooking and do that in the most efficient way possible. With the tips and techniques offered in this book, I guarantee you will be as comfortable hosting a party or preparing a sumptuous meal as you are right now reading this book.

There are more than 50 handpicked recipes that cover the most popular dishes as well as some uncommon desserts. You are sure to find one that suits any occasion you will find yourself in.

How to use this book

Tips and tricks, quick measurement references, a little background on essential spices in addition to the recipes are all packed in a concise format that you can keep as a handy reference in your kitchen.

Why Vegan?

Cooking has been an adventure for me and it has helped me develop a special relationship with food. When we pay attention to what we eat and where it came from, it takes very little time to realize that there is a lot of animal cruelty in food than we realize. So, I have changed my eating habits to be completely animal-free. Likewise, the recipes that I share on my blog and this book reflect vegan principles. If you have not had any exposure to vegan cooking, my hope is that this book will convince you to join me and my family in fostering veganism.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985039436
Publisher: Uma Raghupathi
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English