Beyond Menopause: Your Playbook for Strength, Vitality and Purpose in Midlife (Paperback)

Beyond Menopause: Your Playbook for Strength, Vitality and Purpose in Midlife By Omolola Habib Cover Image
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"Beyond Menopause: Your Playbook for Strength, Vitality, and Purpose in Midlife" by Omolola Habib, NMD, is a transformative guide designed for women navigating the dynamic phase of menopause. Dr. Habib, a skilled practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine and seasoned wellness coach, provides a comprehensive playbook that goes beyond conventional approaches, offering science-backed strategies and empowering mindset shifts.

In this insightful book, readers will embark on a journey to understand the physiology of menopause, manage common symptoms, and optimize their overall well-being. Dr. Habib addresses hot flashes, night sweats, and other discomforts while delving into crucial aspects such as bone, brain, heart, and immune health. From sleep and stress management to healthy weight maintenance, this playbook covers it all.

The second half of the book is a tactical guide, offering lifestyle "hacks" and interventions for enhanced comfort, happiness, and vitality. Dr. Habib explores practical solutions for physical discomforts, low energy, mood swings, and more, empowering women to thrive rather than just survive through menopause.

"Beyond Menopause" also unveils a holistic approach to training and fueling for vitality, considering the changed endocrine environment during and after menopause. The author provides expert guidance on exercise modifications, strength priorities, cardiovascular health, and nutritional needs, enabling readers to play the long game for their health and well-being.

Beyond managing symptoms, the book delves into revitalizing relationships, pursuing passions, and redefining purpose. Dr. Habib encourages readers to embrace the opportunities that menopause brings, allowing them to direct newfound energy toward deeply meaningful goals and experiences.

The final section, "Your Action Plan," serves as a practical launching pad, helping readers solidify key lessons into customized action plans. With goal-setting worksheets, troubleshooting tips, and accountability hacks, readers can actively apply the insights gained throughout the book to elevate their health, happiness, and purpose.

"Beyond Menopause" is not just a guide; it's a companion on the journey to reclaiming vitality and purpose in midlife. Dr. Omolola Habib's expertise and compassionate approach make this book an invaluable resource for women seeking to navigate menopause with resilience, knowledge, and a renewed sense of empowerment. Start your transformative journey today and discover the vibrant future that awaits beyond menopause.

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ISBN: 9798875601613
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 162
Language: English