Organic Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Managing Menopause: Evidence-Based Solutions For Hot Flashes, Sleep Troubles, Mood Swings, And More (Paperback)

Organic Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Managing Menopause: Evidence-Based Solutions For Hot Flashes, Sleep Troubles, Mood Swings, And More By Amara Adams Cover Image
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Out of nowhere it hits - a searing, sweat-drenching hot flash gripping the body. Another night spent tossing and turning, mind racing and joints aching. Emotions spiraling out of control from the slightest annoyance. For the more than 50 million women entering menopause in the US, symptoms like these can make daily life feel unbearable. But what if relief was at hand through easy, organic solutions right in your own kitchen?

In her trailblazing new book "Organic Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Managing Menopause", women's health expert Amara Adams arms women with practical tactics for navigating menopause's changes gracefully. Backed by rigorous research into holistic health, Adams lays out over 124 pages of simple diet tweaks, doable exercises, stress reduction techniques, soothing home spa treatments and mood-balancing activities for cooling hot flashes, improving sleep quality, easing physical discomforts, lifting brain fog and emotional distress. This beautifully designed book empowers middle-aged women to take control of their wellbeing during this challenging life transition.

Rather than prescribe complicated protocols, Adams equips readers with small, integrated steps anyone can implement for big changes over time. Easy enough for busy women managing families and careers, these evidence-based and organic daily practices specifically target common menopausal concerns from all angles. Flipping through vibrant pages, women discover heartening advice like sipping tension-melting chamomile tea during hot flashes, indulging in mood-balancing rose essential oil aromatherapy before bed, gently stretching out sore muscles after waking, eating memory-enhancing blueberries for breakfast, or having a good laugh with an understanding friend.

While shining light on menopause's hidden possibilities for renewal, Adams compassionately addresses why this change can be so difficult for women. Her uplifting guidance helps readers nurture positive mindsets, purpose and passion to thrive in the years ahead. "Organic Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Managing Menopause" uniquely blends the science-backed healing properties of whole foods, beneficial botanicals and healthy daily movements with the timeless wisdom of self-care practices, stress resilience, community support and spiritual wellbeing.

Any woman looking for achievable, noticeable relief from menopausal distress will find an trustworthy guide and sympathetic friend in Adams. Husbands wishing to help their partners will discover plenty of practical support strategies. This book makes implementing organic, drug-free comfort, balance and vibrant living during menopause and beyond finally possible.

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ISBN: 9798871325841
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 9th, 2023
Pages: 126
Language: English