The Secrets of Olthamol: A Dark History (Paperback)

The Secrets of Olthamol: A Dark History By Jeff Prahl (Editor), Jed Saba Cover Image
By Jeff Prahl (Editor), Jed Saba
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Ayden Ladders is just an ordinary boy from Springfield, Missouri, who mysteriously exhibits some not-so-ordinary powers. His best friend, Marwen Kattam, is a comic book aficionado who casts himself as the sidekick in their very own superhero story. Through an unfortunate string of events, Ayden and Marwen find themselves in a mysterious land, far from the small town they called home.

Olthamol is a secluded island nation, hidden from the rest of the world in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. A naturally-occurring resource known as Alquaa has enabled Olthamol to become a thriving society, fueled by technological advancements, and a unique, robust culture.

Ayden searches for the mysteries of his lost family and the origins of his 'abilities.' But this beautiful place is not as it seems. A dark threat looms over the island. With shadowy forces working against them, trapped in a land unlike any they've ever known, how will the boys ever succeed in their quest to save themselves, their families, and their new world?

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ISBN: 9798854994033
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 4th, 2023
Pages: 378
Language: English