Nightmares of Apollyn: (A MM dark romance) (Paperback)

Nightmares of Apollyn: (A MM dark romance) By Mp Bates, Meagan Bates Cover Image
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Beckett hasn't been afraid of monsters since he was a child, but now there's a monster under his bed calling him by name.

How could he be afraid of monsters when his love for the occult runs deep?
What if this one is over six feet tall, beautiful, and desires only him?
He can't be afraid of him; the demon born a cambion of the sin of lust, king of the Second Circle, Apollyn.
He soon means more to Beckett than he could have ever predicted. Beckett's darkness runs almost as deeply as Apollyn's.
Beckett was selectively born a human meant for sin and darkness.
While the half-human side of Apollyn starts to resurface causing tension within his kingdom, war with the Ninth Circle is now threatening this new-found bond that's shared between them.

The bond between the human soul and supernatural being is only breakable by heartbreaking death.

"This book was completely unlike anything I have read before, and boy do I want more. It felt like it was developed thoroughly and the author did a spectacular job with the world-building and plot development, all whilst leaving the reader lusting over both Beckett and Apollyn." - Kaitlyn, Goodreads

"There have been a select few books that have made me blush and my face get hot, and this was one of them. I'm beyond ready for the second book. If you like MM, supernatural (demons) to be exact, with LOTS of tension, lust, schmex, and hotness...this is the book for you " -Destiny, Goodreads

"Oh little lamb, my worst will be your absolute best nightmare,"
Meagan continues to hand out captivating stories filled with angst, lust and hunger. The forbidden aspect of this one captured my attention, holding it hostage until the very end.
There are no words to describe Apollyn and Beckett except scorching Their connection was instantaneous, continuing to build throughout the books entirety. -Nedra, GoodReads

Fantastic A demon living in your house, under your bed, calling out your name? Sign me up for all the goosebumps The possessive and dirty talking Apollyn really won my heart. And I just love the writing style
-Mariansen, GoodReads.

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ISBN: 9798849650272
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 21st, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English