Armenian Cookbook: 30 Tasty Armenian Recipes Must Try Cooking Now! (Paperback)

Armenian Cookbook: 30 Tasty Armenian Recipes Must Try Cooking Now! By Percy Kaye Cover Image
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Are you looking for Armenian recipes that you will surely love and enjoy? If yes, you are in the right place and this is the right book you are probably looking for

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world. It has evolved over countless generations and years of cross-cultural interaction. Its foundations lie in Armenian village cooking, which uses fresh ingredients, and reflects Armenia's rugged topography as well as its climate - at once hindered by a lack of rainfall and prone to temperature extremes.

Today, Armenian recipes have been adopted - with modifications - across the globe, but this original style remains unmatched in sophistication and taste.

This book has 30 delicious, affordable and healthy Armenian Recipes you and your family will surely love and enjoy

What makes Armenian recipes so great? It can be argued that the perfection and unique taste of Armenian cuisine lies in the ingredients. The recipes use ingredients such as pomegranates, apricots, eggplants, olive oil, tomatoes, mint and other leafy greens in their original form rather than their processed counterparts. These make for a healthier cuisine that is both tastier and more nutritious.

Another main tenet of this cuisine is cooking with natural products that are produced on the farm or available locally. Armenia has four distinct seasons: lush green summer fields, blazing gold autumn trees, deep snow-capped winters and long yet mild springs that welcome new life to the country.

Of course, Armenian cuisine also involves cooking with fresh ingredients and using them in their natural form as much as possible. This is why the recipes that Armenians have developed incorporate just about every part of an ingredient - even those that are not consumed by most people, such as eggplants, zucchini and radishes - ensuring that every bite is filled with rich flavors.

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