Russian Cookbook: A Journey to 30 Authentic Russian Recipes to Cook Right Now! (Paperback)

Russian Cookbook: A Journey to 30 Authentic Russian Recipes to Cook Right Now! By Louise Wynn Cover Image
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Why are Russian recipes delicious? Russian cuisine packs vegetables into recipes across the board, which means there's always a vegetable for vegetarians in addition to meat-lovers and vegetarians of all sorts. There's also plenty of butter (people think it's very unhealthy but that is untrue), white sauce (mayonnaise) for people who like pasta, and sour cream to help balance out the flavour as in many other cuisines. This book has 30 delicious, healthy and affordable Russian recipes that will surely brighten up your day

Russian cuisine is also very healthy. It uses a lot of milk, butter and cream in the preparation of most dishes, making them super filling. Russian food has a lot of pork and beef. They also use bread in most dishes, so try to avoid it if you are lactose intolerant. Another reason that many people love Russian recipes is because they are usually easy to cook with basic ingredients that most people have or can get easily at the local store.

This book covers:

- 30 delicious, affordable and healthy Russian Recipes

Russian food is delicious because it uses a lot of popular vegetables and herbs in their cooking, such as potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and many more You won't find Russian recipes that are lacking flavour with their copious amounts of herbs and spices. The preparation methods are also what make it so good; they usually use tenderizing methods such as braising (similar to stewing) or saut ing (sauter means "to jump" in French: meaning the ingredients must be stirred often to prevent them from burning).

Russia still has some of the best restaurants in the world, especially due to the food. The food is very healthy and helps many people stay fit. Russian food is very delicious and tastes good, even though it is usually simple. It is a very diverse cuisine that includes different types of dishes depending on the region. The best part about Russian recipes is that they are very versatile and can be used in many different ways, which makes them easier to make because you are just using the same ingredients with varied methods.

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