The Time Machine of Adolf Hitler: The most powerful object in history (Paperback)

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What would you think, if I told you that Nazi Germany managed to create an artifact that allowed them to manipulate space-time? You would call me crazy, right? But, what if the one who did it was an individual who lived at that time and worked on it, and even more so, showed all the palpable evidence before the world, would you believe it?The story that you will read is one of the most fascinating true stories that I have heard and that I discovered fortuitously in the voice of 2 survivors of what happened and possessors of the truth of their father. The original documents from Germany from 1940 give it a unique and trustworthy strength.It was October 2016 and on a routine trip I made to Germany for work reasons, in the neighborhood where I lived I met two women, one of them extremely special, beyond her extreme beauty or that age did not pass in her, she had something that made it unique: its origin. You will soon know why.As days went by, I made a nice friendship with both of them, but what they told me one afternoon; it was madness, these words came from her lips. For decades we hope to find a trustworthy person and finally we find you. Until then I did not understand anything, then they continued. For the trust you have shown us all this time and your disinterested treatment without expecting anything in return, we will show you the proofs of a story that only a handful have seen around the world and not even our family knows..Despite my affection for them for a moment I felt strange and I thought many things, but when they began to relate and show me documents one by one; all made sense and I went into shock. It was all about a dangerous project that Third Reich Germany had secretly developed at the end of 1940 and that until now no one alive had related with evidence. In the course of later talks and knowing that I was a journalist, they begged me to carry out the last wish of their father in life: that someone write her story and reveal to the world the truth of humanity's most important experiment that no one knows. I accepted without thinking twice, because I had already verified more than 1000 original pages of the entire project; and it was awesome.I captured as best I could everything they told me and in the same way what was written in the memories of his father, the protagonist of this story, the German physicist AR GIRLAND.They made me swear not to reveal their identities primarily to safeguard the integrity of their family. Also, they assured me that perhaps later they would show the world all the palpable evidence of the story that you will read next.I want to emphasize that the story I tell is real, and that for no reason will I reveal the identity and location of both women; even if that costs me my life. I know that they did not want to show me the second pillar of documents that were in the second box where possibly the specific location of this device is, it is for this reason that all this is so dangerous. Before saying goodbye to them at the end of 2016, with tears in their eyes they told me that it would probably be the last time for safety that we would meet physically, but that by mail they would let me know when they would be ready to tell the world: the truth.

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ISBN: 9798674820352
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 15th, 2020
Pages: 54
Language: English