Search Pattern: A Systematic Approach to Diagnostic Imaging (Paperback)

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UPDATE: This text is now associated with free online teaching, covering the 50+ most common studies in radiology here: https: //

UPDATE: This text is now available as an ebook here: https: //

Search Pattern is a collection of step-by-step guides to more than a hundred of the most common types of studies in radiology. Blind spots reported in the literature as well as practical wisdom from experts is synthesized into highly structured processes that can guide the development of better practice. Much of the contained insight has never been organized in one place before. Search Pattern covers almost every type of study that a radiologist will encounter in training or practice. This text is written with the assumption that the reader has familiarity with basic radiologic terminology, anatomy, and physics. In the interest of brevity, almost all information outside of the organized approaches is omitted. The reader is encouraged to look up terms, images, and background information from supplementary resources. Formalized teaching of search patterns is a missing part of the educational literature in our field. Hopefully this book helps fill that void. It is one that I would have benefited from greatly when I was a resident. - Long Tu, YDR Class of 2020.

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Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
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