RV Camping Cookbook: Family Favorites Easy And Tasty Recipes To Enjoy By The Campfire With The Kids (Paperback)

RV Camping Cookbook: Family Favorites Easy And Tasty Recipes To Enjoy By The Campfire With The Kids By Sara Bowton Cover Image
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Updated in 2023 with even more recipes Are you a beginner cook looking for fail-safe recipes to enjoy? Are you looking for easy and tasty recipes that make camping fun? Cooking in an RV has separate challenges than a regular kitchen - less storage, smaller fridges, less counterspace, amount of water available, the amount of power being used and different and sometimes new heating methods. The great news is that anything you can make easily at a campsite you can rock in a regular kitchen year-round.
After 30 years of camping experience, this book works to solve the problem of many cookbooks that focus on pretty pictures but that have dishes with uncommon ingredients you have never even considered eating. Instead, you will find over 100 fast and practical meal solutions after a full day at the lake or a long hike. This book is full of food choices that people look forward to eating, without breaking a sweat in preparation.
This book is a collection of decades of camping in the great outdoors with a family in tow. They were designed to be made easily, using common pantry ingredients, and with amazing tasty results.
This book includes:
  • A wide variety of recipes, with flexibility and substitutions includes in case you forget something,
  • A checklist of staple ingredients you need for when camping, AND
  • Cooking secrets, tips and tricks, so you can made dishes easier anywhere and take your cooking to the next level.
Enjoy soon to be family favorite recipes such as:
  • Beyond Addictive Granola Bars (just double the batch from the start)
  • Chicken Teriyaki (With a sauce that could make shoe leather tasty)
  • Ultimate Home Fries (you make never buy frozen fries again)
  • Bacon Cheese Roasted Cauliflower (super additive )
  • Top Secret Mashed Potatoes (unusual secret ingredient will having them asking for seconds- or thirds)
  • Cheesesteak Rolls With Garlic Sauce
  • Poppy Seed Dressing (So easy and good I literally always have this on hand.)
  • Broccoli Salad (loved by those who don't even like broccoli)
  • Ultimate Hot Chocolate (Perfect for cook nights)
What if you could enjoy your time with family and friends around the campsite, with food that others were raving about, and that did not break a sweat? What if meal planning and meal preparation was easy?
With over 100 hand-picked and my family's favorite recipes that have been adapted just for camping, this book is the answer to make that dream a reality.
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