Portugal Travel Guide 2022: A Comprehensive Travel Guide and Unforgettable Lisbon Experience (Paperback)

Portugal Travel Guide 2022: A Comprehensive Travel Guide and Unforgettable Lisbon Experience By Clayton C. Loftis Cover Image
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Portugal has the ideal blend of white sandy beaches, architecturally gorgeous towns, rocky coastlines, a burgeoning food scene, and not to mention, a lot of wine.

Portugal also happens to be one of the most economical overseas locations and highly secure, making it a wonderful escape for solitary female travelers.

Lisbon has become a center for nomads and ex-pats from all over the globe, but there's so much more to visit than Portugal's capital city-there's the Algarve, the Alentejo, Obidos, and Braga, to name a few

While it's possible to travel widely in this small but varied nation, many people make a beeline for the capital and never pass the city boundaries. Though Clayton C. Loftis strongly suggests visiting the winding alleyways of this magnificent city and checking Lisbon's delectable gourmet delights, Portugal has so much more to offer.

As you ascend the magnificent cliffs overlooking the golden beaches and visit the hamlet surrounded by Roman vineyards, you will realize precisely why this little coastal nation is worth having a closer look at.

Ready to experience your new favorite European destination? Here's your go-to guide to visit in Portugal (that isn't Lisbon exclusively)

The Comprehensive guide include:

  • Insider Information on getting about and the best things to do.
  • Portuguese Culture, Food, Fado, and Festivals
  • The Customizable Itineraries
  • A guide to the top restaurants in Portugal
  • How to enjoy a diversified and fascinating gastronomic experience while dining out in Portugal.
  • Adventure and sports activities in mainland Portugal, Madeira & the Azores
  • Portugal Weather And Best Time To Visit Portugal
  • Portugal's Top 5 Things to Do and See
  • Other Attractions & Activities in Portugal
  • Money-saving advice to help you stick to your spending plan and have a stress-free trip without going over budget.
  • How to Travel Like a Local in Portugal
  • How to Be Safe in Portugal
  • The Best Resources for Booking
  • Portugal Guides on packing and gear,
  • And Much more

We want you to have a nice experience in Portugal. So we produced this guide to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. We plotted out the greatest spots to visit, including the must-try cuisine and beverages at each stop. We even disclose the secrets that only locals know.

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