The One-man Iris Davis Fan Club (Paperback)

The One-man Iris Davis Fan Club By Dan L. Walker Cover Image
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With high school behind him, Sam Barger was ready to make 1969 his year. He would finally become a setnet fisherman as he'd always dreamed. Sam soon learned that dreams and reality often differ. The fishing turned sour, the military draft was threatening, and his girlfriend was pregnant. With Tricky Dick in the White House, peace talks in Paris, and war in Vietnam, all of America was in turmoil. Soon, Sam found himself on a noble quest through this unfamiliar and sometimes hostile world. He crossed several western states as he tried to support Iris and do the right thing. Aided by unlikely allies, Sam and Iris both found their way through numerous challenges. The One-Man Iris Davis Fan Club continues the story of Sam Barger from Secondhand Summer and Back Home and paints an authentic picture of teen pregnancy in the 1960s.

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ISBN: 9798218958824
Publisher: Pen & Primer
Publication Date: December 15th, 2023
Pages: 222
Language: English