Super Intelligent, Emotional Me! (Landscape) (Hardcover)

Super Intelligent, Emotional Me! (Landscape) By Aurora Bergere, Laura Calvo (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Aurora Bergere, Laura Calvo (Illustrator)
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Young children learn and develop through their interactions with and the examples set by their primary caregivers. And often the best way to share with a child is through the use of storytelling. Super Intelligent, Emotional Me provides parents with nine stories they can read and share with their children to help them learn to respond to and shift their mental and emotional states, assisting them in achieving self-awareness and confidence. Deep and strong emotions like anger, self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and gratitude are explored. Author Aurora Bergere also provides parents with an overview of the complexities of emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming skills that will be taught through each story, giving parents a deeper understanding of why these abilities are so important to develop.

By learning emotional intelligence and NLP skills, parents can better understand and support their children's emotional and cognitive development. They can teach their children how to identify and regulate their emotions effectively, communicate their needs and feelings, and develop healthy relationships with others. Moreover, parents can use NLP techniques to help their children overcome limiting beliefs, develop positive self-talk, and set and achieve goals effectively. And an added bonus is the parent will now have these skills to use in their own relationships.

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ISBN: 9798218231682
Publisher: Aurora Bergere
Publication Date: September 24th, 2023
Pages: 56
Language: English