Cardinal Wolsey (Paperback)

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Mandell Creighton's biography "Cardinal Wolsey" digs into the life and times of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, one of the most significant figures in 16th-century England. Some stories are gruesome and bizarre, while others softly creep up on you and pull you in. This book has been deemed a historical and has been a great collection of ideas that are comprehended into a single draft to read by readers of several age groups. Creighton, a well-known historian and cleric, meticulously follows Wolsey's rise, reign, and eventual demise, offering readers with an in-depth insight of this pivotal period in English history. Creighton's biography takes readers on an intriguing tour of Tudor politics and theology. He goes into Wolsey's extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to become King Henry VIII's senior minister. As the monarch's right-hand man, Wolsey amassed great authority and was important in creating the English Reformation and the royal court. Throughout "Cardinal Wolsey," Creighton's meticulous research and appealing storytelling present an entertaining summary of Wolsey's character, motivations, and challenges. Creighton's knowledge of both history and theology enables him to convey a full picture of the period's complexities. Finally, Mandell Creighton's biography demonstrates his commitment to historical accuracy and understanding.

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Publisher: Double 9 Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2023
Pages: 148
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