DIY Cannabis Extracts (Paperback)

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Discover How To Make Your Own Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis has recently gained popularity as a treatment for various disorders and illnesses. The formerly dark perception of this stimulating herb has shifted from "dangerous narcotic" to "excellent medicinal plant." It has been used to cure anything from minor disorders like arthritis and aching muscles to major ones like glaucoma and sleeplessness.

Cannabis extracts are oils and other components that have been reduced to make a smokeless yet still effective medication.

When prepared properly, these extracts will have the same properties as the buds from which they were derived, providing any user with a true experience of the uniqueness held in each strain. These items, however, are not inexpensive, and manufacturing them might be harmful if you don't know what you're doing.

Cannabis is a massive business these days, and new extraction technologies have become quite popular among many consumers. As demand for extracts has surged, costs have risen correspondingly. By utilizing this book as a reference, you should be able to greatly minimize the cost of cannabis extracts and the safety hazards connected with them. By the conclusion of this book, you may be able to call yourself a manufacturer

Throughout this book, you will learn about:

  • Cannabis's possible health benefits.
  • Where can you get plant material for your extracts?
  • Butane hash oil production (BHO)
  • Tinctures: How to Make Them
  • Cannabutter: How to Make It
  • How to Make Various Types of Cannabis Edibles
  • How to Prepare Rosin

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