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Possibly the most famous example of Gothic novels, Bram Stoker's 1897 masterpiece is the tale of Dracula, a vampire intent on increasing his tribe. The titular character, Count Dracula of Transylvania, has his arch nemesis in Abraham Van Helsing, the doctor knowledgeable of vampires and vampirism and ardent in his quest to destroy the cursed Count. After nearly escaping death in the Count's haunted castle, Jonathan Harker reunites with his fianc e Mina and their friends John, Qunicey and Arthur, who have already been beset by the Dracula's attacks on Mina's friends Lucy. Unable to save Lucy, despite Helsing's best efforts, the group decides to eliminate Dracula forever. They undertake on a dangerous mission, as Stoker invokes history, folklore, and religious stories in this epistolary novel. The group's repeated encounters with Dracula, possible death and the worst imaginable fate, becoming vampires themselves, keep the readers on an edge throughout the novel.

About the Author

Bram Stoker was born in 1847 in Ireland. He had a walking disability in his early childhood and did not learn to walk till he was seven years of age. He outgrew his disability to become a soccer player at Trinity College in the city of Dublin, simultaneously getting a degree in the field of mathematics. While working he also started carving a second career in writing. He published his first novel, a romantic thriller set on the western Ireland, The Snake's Pass. But he was most famously known for his literary masterpiece Dracula, which he wrote in the 1897. Unfortunately he passed away before he could see the widespread success of Dracula, through literary adaptations and films even in the 20th century. His widow, Florence Stoker published Dracula's Guest, comprised of excised text from the original manuscript for Dracula after two years of his death to raging success.

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