Fly Little Blackbird Fly! (Paperback)

Fly Little Blackbird Fly! By Aubrey G. Clarke, Mary Monette Barbaso-Crall (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Ms. Blackbird is a single mom who used to fly high but neglected to share that with her daughter. Maybe it was because she didn't want to face her new disability. Not sharing that information created a disability in her daughter's mind. She also faced the loss of another child at birth. The story addresses Joy's journey. You see Joy's friend Motivae the white dove can fly and would say to Joy, "Come fly with me and see a world filled with success and beauty." Joy would look at Motivae and say, "Don't you know that blackbirds can't fly, look at my mother she would cry." See how Joy overcomes her obstacles. Joy perseveres even after she is bullied.

I have had a 4yr old child with selective mutism say after reading the story, "Mommy maybe I'm like the little blackbird, if I try harder maybe I can speak in school."

A 17yr old said after reading the story, "At first I thought this was a kids book but after I read it it was the most inspiring book I have ever read."

A 16yr old said after reading it, "Mom, I'm going to pursue my dream to be a doctor."

Canadian Supermodel Stacey McKenzie said, "I LOVE IT Reminds me of the struggles/obstacles in the beginning of my career and I still continue to endure, so inspiring Aubrey "

Stay tuned for the Sequel to 'Fly Little Blackbird Fly' called "It's Not Over Until it's Over" It's the story about the egg that didn't hatch.

The song is also available for download on Amazon. Fly Little Blackbird Soundtrack

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ISBN: 9781988785042
ISBN-10: 1988785049
Publisher: Aubrey Gregory Clarke
Publication Date: May 15th, 2013
Pages: 26
Language: English