Acting for Teens (Paperback)

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Quite a lot of teenagers are drawn to acting as a profession. But the big question is: Is acting as glamorous as it seems? With Acting for Teens, you'll discover more about the industry and where to start your journey into the world of acting. Becoming a full-time actor doesn't happen overnight. Venturing into show business has many routes, and it often takes years before getting to the goal you envision.

Whether you are looking to start acting for fun or as a career, this book can help

In Acting for Teens, you'll learn:

  • All about community theater
  • About the different kinds of monologues
  • How to find a coach and learning materials
  • What your actor "type" is
  • Where to find auditions
  • How to build a resume
  • And so much more

While acting certainly can be adventurous and fun, it requires hard work, patience, determination, and talent. Some people have natural acting skills, and some have to work to acquire them. The best thing to remember is that everybody can learn and develop acting skills.

Are you ready to explore your dreams of becoming an actor?

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ISBN: 9781962496025
ISBN-10: 1962496023
Publisher: Oak Harbor Press
Publication Date: September 8th, 2023
Pages: 134
Language: English