Ancient Greece: 500 Interesting Facts About Greek History (Hardcover)

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Unlock the mysteries of ancient Greece with 500 interesting facts

Explore the ancient world like never before in 500 Interesting Facts About Ancient Greece. Uncover the history and mysteries behind this great civilization, from prehistoric times to Alexander the Great. Learn about Greek mythology and religion and their culture and society. Dive into the military tactics and strategies that led them to victory. And discover how they established a common language through an alphabet system still used today Trace the path of colonization they carried out using trade routes throughout Europe. Find out about the ancient Olympic Games and how ancient Greek tradition lives on today. There is so much to unpack about one of the greatest civilizations in history

In this book, you will learn more about the following:

  • Early ancient Greece (c. 8000 BCE-c. 1100 BCE)
  • The Greek Dark Ages (c. 1100 BCE-c. 800 BCE)
  • The rise of the polis (c. 800 BCE-c. 600 BCE)
  • The Archaic period (c. 600 BCE-c. 500 BCE)
  • The Greco-Persian Wars (c. 500 BCE-c. 479 BCE)
  • The Golden Age of Athens (c. 479 BCE-c. 431 BCE)
  • The rise of the Hellenistic kingdoms
  • And much more

Unlock this fascinating world and expand your knowledge with five hundred interesting facts about ancient Greece

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