Pendulum (Hardcover)

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Heather was forced to go live with her Uncle. Uncle Reece, her mother's brother, felt obligated to take her in. But, Aunt Pansy and her cousins resented that she was upsetting their lives. Heather hoped that her mother would soon save her. Coming home from school one day, a strange old man caught her eye and carefully laid a package on the lawn for her. When she opened it she found an old fortune teller's pendulum. Experiments soon progressed, and Heather seemed to have a unique ability to make the pendulum move when she held a person's hands and focused on their future. Some of the predictions were frightening The pendulum might point at-DEATH, or UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS. Nicole encouraged Heather to host a fortune-teller booth at the upcoming Halloween carnival at school. Miss Upton, Heather's sixth-grade teacher, was immediately supportive of the idea. In fact, Miss Upton seemed to be trying to get closer to Heather. Heather certainly did not want to be a teacher's pet Everything seemed to come together the day of the carnival. The pendulum's predictions seemed to be coming true At the same time, she was hearing weird noises in her Uncle's house. While Heather began to learn more about the history of the house, she also began to remember more about the day that she had followed some older kids out to the sand pits-the day that Antol had drowned. Might all of these things be somehow connected?

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ISBN: 9781951580384
ISBN-10: 1951580389
Publisher: Gayle Jensen Foster
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English