The San Francisco Trilogy: A Helena Brandywine Adventure (Paperback)

The San Francisco Trilogy: A Helena Brandywine Adventure By Greg Alldredge Cover Image
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Some Monsters are Human.

The only heir to the Brandywine fortune, Helena grew up with nothing to want for: Except parents.

For the past ten years, everyone contended, they were dead. Helena had no reason to doubt the General, her stepfather.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, seemingly unrelated events pull the young woman from the safety of her gilded cage and haul her into the filthy streets of a magical 1899 San Francisco.

Everything she believes about her world proves false.

While battling unseen forces, Helena must uncover the deceptions and find a way to save her parents if they still live. Anything to learn the truth.

Will Helena even make it out of her hometown alive?

Read The San Francisco Trilogy; the first three books in the Helena Brandywine series to find out.

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ISBN: 9781949392296
ISBN-10: 1949392295
Publisher: Greg Alldredge
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020
Pages: 594
Language: English