Rambunctious ... Ten Tales of Twisted Travel and Tangled Thought (Paperback)

Rambunctious ... Ten Tales of Twisted Travel and Tangled Thought By Jefferson Rose Cover Image
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Originally published as Blip Stories, Rambunctious tales are farther out than the spellbinding islands of the tropical Pacific. They are distant from the lingering and intoxicating aromas of a Dutch Koffee House. And way beyond the start of the book which is set in the world of tribal natives, drug smugglers, and revolutionaries at the corner of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.

The tales wander from global escapades to out of this world episodes and ultimately arrive at the innermost reaches of human thought. The price is set way low so perhaps you'll please spread the word to your friends and acquaintances.

Rambunctious begins with trips to tribal Thailand, Fiji, Holland, China, tropical Pohnpei island, Paris, Amsterdam, London, and more. Then the meaning of the word "trip" is expanded from travel destinations into trips of various forms that veer into the surreal, the absurd, the bizarre, and eventually to the inner mind.

A bonus awaits at the end of the book--a sarcastic James Bond spy spoof thriller set in the Principality of Monaco and around the world. In three fun and curious acts, an affliction affecting many countries of the world is attacked. From a start in a spy school in Japan, the story builds as hints to the mystery are salted into sequences of intrigue, increasing thrills, fresh absurdities, and turnarounds that finish in a climax where good and evil are intermingled. The crux of this thriller is an important statement about power and its misuse.

If you enjoy blip stories, those 1,500-word fiction thingies with fact and (sometimes stolen) humor, write us all some stories.

With exotic travel and exotic thought, the human mind sees that some things are different than they are.

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ISBN: 9781943177950
ISBN-10: 1943177953
Publisher: Alderhanna Publishing
Publication Date: March 24th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English