I've Never Had a Bad Day: The 5 Cornerstone Choices to Help You Build Your Best Life (Paperback)

I've Never Had a Bad Day: The 5 Cornerstone Choices to Help You Build Your Best Life By Waleed Soro Cover Image
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Waleed Soro's life changed forever when his mother fled Iraq with her children after Saddam Hussein had Waleed's democratic-minded, Christian father murdered. Eventually making it to America, Soro was filled with optimism, excited to do whatever was needed to achieve the American Dream.

One opportunity after another convinced him that he could succeed in anything he was passionate about, from becoming the #1 disco dancer in the state of Michigan to starting a food company in California that became a national brand.

This book is a memoir as well as a self-help book with practical coaching and useful resources. In the process of writing his life story, Soro realized that never having a bad day hinges on making 5 choices found in the principles that have guided him for over six decades.

In I've Never Had a Bad Day, you'll discover:

  • How choices you can make today will make tomorrow's decisions significantly easier (instead of becoming tired or overwhelmed with the 35 thousand daily decisions an average person must face)
  • A new perspective on how choosing to love yourself and choosing to help others feel alive and connected are equally important and rewarding
  • The Five Cornerstone Choices to focus on to simplify wise decision-making the rest of your life
  • How to enjoy the moment and become able to honestly say you never have a bad day

The resource and action section at the back of the book provides guidance, resources, links to helpful assessments, and recommended reading to amplify your own power of choice and support you to build your best life.

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Publication Date: August 1st, 2022
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