Kelly's Oil: My Healing with Cannabis (Paperback)

Kelly's Oil: My Healing with Cannabis By Kelly Noah Hauf Cover Image
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When Kelly learns her brain tumor has returned she decides she does not want to go through another session of chemotherapy or brain surgery. She has read about some studies in Israel and other countries where brain tumors and other cancers are being treated with cannabis. Christmas of 2013 Kelly tells her family she wants to try cannabis as a treatment and thus begins her journey with her husband, Rick, from Oklahoma, where cannabis was illegal, to California, where medical cannabis was legal, to find a cure.

Kelly's Oil is a true hero's journey about putting everything on the line to step into the unknown to find a cure for Kelly's brain tumor. It is also a love story between Kelly and her devoted husband, Rick, and a family story about the power of friendship and connection.

Kelly's Oil is also a tacit indictment of federal laws, meager funding, and social deterrents preventing research into mainstream medicinal potentials of marijuana, one of Earth's most complex and beneficial plants.

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ISBN: 9781937462475
ISBN-10: 1937462471
Publisher: Millichap Books LLC
Publication Date: November 30th, 2022
Pages: 140
Language: English