Finding the Light: Peaks at the Edge of the World (Paperback)

Finding the Light: Peaks at the Edge of the World By M. F. Erler Cover Image
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On the distant planet of Terres, far in the future, a young boy, Jael, finds his family being torn apart by dark forces of the Galactic System. Raised by his mother, and older siblings, who believe in a distant ruler called the True King, he soon finds himself alone in a world that is falling apart.

Now he must put his trust in a stranger named Jon, who claims he has the ability to cut across space and time-by Crossing the GAP. Jael convinces Jon to take him across their planet-toward the mountain peaks at the edge of their world-to help him find his runaway sister, Martina. But Martina has become possessed by the dark forces of the Redlarks, people who live in the Wilds. Will Jon and Jael be able to release her, and escape to a better place?

This book asks "What if Christianity were to survive into the distant future?" Would this ancient religion have any meaning in a complex, future technology? What would life be like for a tiny remnant who are severely persecuted, and trying to cling to 'Old Ways?

"M.F. Erler is an intriguing story-teller. The Peaks at the Edge of the World was hard to put down. I had many sleepless nights because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next "

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ISBN: 9781937333614
ISBN-10: 1937333612
Publisher: West Wind Press
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2018
Pages: 236
Language: English