A Captain's Portrait: Witold Pilecki - Martyr for Truth (Paperback)

A Captain's Portrait: Witold Pilecki - Martyr for Truth By Adam J. Koch Cover Image
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Born in 1901 Witold Pilecki is best known as a Polish Cavalry officer, WWII Polish Underground intelligence operative and resistance leader.

In 1940, as the evil of the Nazi regime intensified, he volunteered for a mission which required getting himself imprisoned in the German concentration camp of Auschwitz to gather intelligence and expose its horrors to the world. In captivity he organised resistance and brought comfort to other prisoners.

As the world grows in its awareness of the heroic life of Witold Pilecki we can see clearly why he can be rightly considered one of the greatest

heroes of World War II, and indeed, the entire twentieth century.

This extensively researched account of Wiltold Pilecki's life shares with us a story of great adventure, selflessness and virtue, one that

cannot help but to inspire and enthral us.

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