Escaping the Chains of Grief: Live Life with Purpose On Purpose (Hardcover)

Escaping the Chains of Grief: Live Life with Purpose On Purpose By Kimberly Smith Dauterive Cover Image
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Grief is not solely triggered by the death of a loved one, but by any of the 44 different losses that people may experience in their lifetime. Unchecked, grief can obstruct one's path to a joyful, meaningful existence. After experiencing the loss of my 9-year-old son, I finally had a profound understanding of the lingering despair and recovery barriers people who dealt with a significant loss had been burdened with that my 23+ years' experience as a physician could never have taught me. My grief journey revealed that we lack the necessary tools and strategies to navigate significant losses, resulting in a tether to our grief and a hindrance to purposeful living.

But there is hope I uncovered the formula that liberated me from the chains of grief, which has deprived so many of their aspirations, dreams, and zest for life, enabling me to rediscover purpose. Now, I am committed to equipping others with the tools and strategies needed for their own liberation.

Are you ready to escape the chains of grief and possess the life you have envisioned the life you deserve? Allow me to guide you.

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ISBN: 9781917185943
ISBN-10: 1917185944
Publisher: Amazon Publishing Plus
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2024
Pages: 124
Language: English