The Stars of the Magdalene: Extended Chapter From The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal (Paperback)

The Stars of the Magdalene: Extended Chapter From The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal By Gretchen Cornwall Cover Image
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The Stars of the Magdalene is a richly expanded chapter from The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal: Relaunched as a Revised Edition to include discoveries & images.

The author wanted to give those who own the 1st Edition the opportunity to read all the new content. Readers who are new to Gretchen Cornwall's work can sample the booklet prior to reading the larger volume.

The booklet includes the Introduction, Forward by the Comte de Mattinat de Medici, Table of Contents and the New Epilogue from the larger and Revised Edition -

Photos taken by the author from Germany to England, paintings from Renaissance masters and rich imagery fill the booklet with romance & spirituality. Content that is visually spellbinding & information that is transformational.

The wild breadth of information reaches from King Arthur in Cumbria, the bloodline of Mary Magdalene & Jesus to new observations on Bernard de Clairvaux. The man who put swords in the hands of Cistercian monks and created the most enigmatic chivalrous Order of all time -

The author was given an energetic map of the world which correlates with the Ordnance Survey National Grid of Great Britain and includes historic and modern Templar sites The Matrix Map of the World is explored in great detail through the lens of Quantum Physics. It is a portal to understanding the ethos behind the current generation of Knights Templar and a wide angle lens as to their thoughts on the future of humanity.

The descendants of the Templars thrive in Cumbria, a landscape steeped in the mysteries of the Dragon Tradition found in the lore of Camelot.

Conversations with the Templar representative are woven into the authors own research.

A star chart from 1627 portrays Mary Magdalene as the new Queen of Heaven. The new engravings and exciting revelations were added to the chapter: The Stars of the Magdalene. Filled with codes & beautiful imagery, revealing how this fascinating woman was venerated down through the centuries.

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