Mind Over Menopause: Lose Weight, Love Your Body, and Embrace Life After 50 with a Powerful New Mindset (Paperback)

Mind Over Menopause: Lose Weight, Love Your Body, and Embrace Life After 50 with a Powerful New Mindset By Pahla Bowers Cover Image
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Now in paperback: the radically simple, motivational method to lose weight that guides you in banishing negative thoughts while managing your sleep, exercise, and diet—from YouTuber Pahla Bowers

Welcome to menopause, where everything you thought you knew about your body changed overnight. You’re always hot (unless of course you’re freezing cold), you’re moodier than ever, sleep seems like a distant memory, and your skin is forming “age spots.” . . . You can’t help but wonder, Is this it? Thankfully, no.

Weight-loss life coach Pahla Bowers is here to help with a radically simple and powerful method to flip the script on menopause—by adjusting how you think. Pahla teaches how to target Really Unhelpful Thoughts (RUTs), to shed extra pounds and stay healthy. With this book, you will learn to:

  • transform the way you think about food—and no longer fear calories and carbs

  • practice moderate exercise, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep

  • develop awareness about how you feel, with journaling prompts

  • accept your body, choose a realistic weight goal, and never slow down!

Combining exercise science, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and an inspiring, pragmatic perspective, Mind Over Menopause equips you with the tools and confidence to achieve your goals.

About the Author

Pahla Bowers is a certified weight-loss life coach for women over fifty, with over a decade of experience helping women make peace with their menopausal bodies. She is the host of the Get Your GOAL podcast and a prolific online content creator with expertise in women’s health, personal development, and menopause fitness. Mind Over Menopause is her first book. She lives in California.

Praise For…

Women are left without the proper guidance on how to best move through the menopause transition. Pahla’s book provides a necessary roadmap for a mindful and confident menopause transition and the tools to navigate it on one’s own terms.
— Heather Hirsch, MD, author of Unlock Your Menopause Type

Don’t wait until menopause to read this book! I was completely unprepared for how my body would change when I went into early menopause after a cancer diagnosis. I wish I had this book then, but so glad I have it now! Mind Over Menopause is both manual and motivation to enter the next phase of life confidently thriving.

— Rachel Luna, certified master coach and author of Permission to Offend

An invaluable primer for every midlife woman facing ‘The Change,’ Mind Over Menopause helps us shift our mindset so we can find balance in menopause—and thrive.

— Shonda Moralis, author of Breathe, Mama, Breathe and Don’t Forget to Breathe

Finally, a book that demystifies menopause in easy-to-understand terms with depth and humor. Pahla’s incredible journaling exercises will empower you to take charge of your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.
— Brett Larkin, author of Yoga Life

Mind Over Menopause is a useful guide for women seeking clear, practical information. I encourage women seeking help on their menopausal journey to read this book.

— Felice Gersh, MD, author of Menopause: 50 Things You Need to Know

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Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
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