Don't Tell Mama I'm Going to Mongolia on a Motorcycle (Paperback)

Don't Tell Mama I'm Going to Mongolia on a Motorcycle By Ricardo Fité Cover Image
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In recent years, we, the motorcycle travel stories fans, have been able to see how the way of travelling is changing. Nowadays, motorbikes have evolved so much that they no longer turn a journey into suffering; new adjustable suspension, gel saddle pads, engines of great horsepower, and many other technological improvements have made it a pleasure to drive during long days. The same is happening with gear. We have gone from travelling in jeans and jackets without any protection to doing so in warm thermal clothing for the winter, micro-perforated leather overalls for the summer, and titanium armour, as well as helmets specially designed to avoid noise and allow us to enjoy our favourite music.However, there are two much more significant differences that have completely changed the concept of motorcycle adventure: UNCERTAINTY and SOLITUDE. The former has disappeared almost entirely, thanks to the immediate access to information about any itinerary that we could consider. Before embarking on a trip, we can book accommodations, map routes, compare the opinions of countless other travellers on social media, and a great many other things that have almost completely put an end to the possibility of uncertainty. Even during the trip, if we want to check some information, it will not be very difficult to find a computer where we can do so. If, on top of it, things get very ugly, a phone call is all it takes to solve any problem. It does not matter if we travel without a phone, aspiring to an extra dose of adventure, because within a few minutes a local will approach us, and for the sake of helping us, they will be the one making the call to someone capable of solving the problem which has arisen.The second difference from the way we used to travel a few years ago is loneliness. The emergence of the Internet, mobile phones, and social media have put an end to that concept completely. The first thing we do in a bar, hotel, or house is to look for the Wi-Fi, connect our device, and pay more attention to the screen than to the people who are taking care of us. Maybe it's good news for those who cannot stand being alone, but maybe it makes us lose part of our connection with people, and with that, also part of what we went in search for. Fortunately, despite it all, there is something that remains unchanged, and that is the thrill of travelling on a motorbike. Whether it is a weekend trip or a route to a faraway destination, with the hustle and bustle of the preparations weeks before, all travellers experience the same feeling: the adventure has finally begun.

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ISBN: 9781890623760
ISBN-10: 1890623768
Publisher: Lost Classics Book Co.
Publication Date: August 7th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English