The Uninvited: An exposé of the alien abduction phenomenon (Paperback)

The Uninvited: An exposé of the alien abduction phenomenon By Nick Pope Cover Image
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An expos of the alien abduction phenomenon.

The Uninvited examines the reaction of governments and of the scientific community to claims from the public that they have been involved with alien interaction, looking at the world's most famous alien contact cases and highlighting the common threads that bind them together.

Nick Pope devotes a significant portion of the book to detailing a number of cases that he investigated personally, before discussing the various theories that might explain what lies behind this fascinating mystery.

Former UK Government UFO investigator Nick Pope has written the definitive book on the alien abduction mystery, delving into folklore, the contactee movement, and more modern claims that people have not just seen UFOs, but encountered extra-terrestrials.

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ISBN: 9781839012532
ISBN-10: 1839012536
Publisher: Lume Books
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English