Nut Bags and Num-Nums (Paperback)

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"Do you remember the time Lorna tried to make ground beef with her car?"

For almost forty years, Lorna Stuber's high school classmates have teased her mercilessly about the time she crashed her car into a steer, leaving the car with tufts of bovine hair stuck in cracks in the hood. The car has since been known as "Lorna's Cowfur Mobile".

Filled with relatable yet unique stories of sibling rivalry, community, and coming-of-age lessons, Nut Bags and Num-Nums tells the story of a girl growing up on a Canadian cattle ranch in the 1970s and 1980s. With a mix of humour and poignancy, the author enlightens readers on how to dispatch a gopher, gut a chicken, and clean and cook prairie oysters. The book also pays homage to teachers and to Alberta's farmers and ranchers.

"I've lived in in the jungles of Peru and the suburbs of Tokyo. I've been to Easter Island, Australia, Egypt, the Caribbean, and Europe. But regardless of where I travel, no matter where I live, my feet are grounded in Canadian soil under the expansive Alberta sky. I value the rural lifestyle and the people I've known since childhood who still shape the person I continue to become."

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ISBN: 9781777895440
ISBN-10: 1777895448
Publisher: Lorna Stuber -- Editor, Proofreader, Writer
Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
Pages: 278
Language: English