Becoming a Butterfly: A Personal Journey Through Mental Wellness (Paperback)

Becoming a Butterfly: A Personal Journey Through Mental Wellness By Kylie Beaudry, Kristy Haigh, Magda Kacprzak (Editor) Cover Image
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Kristy and Kylie, two friends from a small town in Canada, live entirely different lives from each other. Kristy is a yoga teacher. Kylie works a 9 to 5. Kristy is in a happy, committed relationship. Kylie is going through a divorce. But they do have one thing in common. They both live with anxiety and depression.

Becoming a Butterfly is the personal story of Kristy and Kylie, sharing their journeys, anecdotes, exercises, and activities that have helped them navigate and open up about their lives and their personal struggles, Kristy and Kylie's book encourages readers to take steps to live a more balanced life. They provide strategies that have helped them during their mental health journeys. From techniques for practicing gratitude to lessons about setting personal boundaries, readers will discover the importance that looking after yourself first, and growing as the individual you are meant to be, can bring to your life.

With enough grace, love, compassion... Kristy and Kylie encourage you to join them in becoming beautiful, magical butterflies.

**From the Publisher: Dear readers, please note that this book is NOT intended or implied to replace your Health Care professional's advice or guidance and is presented ONLY from the authors' viewpoints, perspectives, and personal journeys regarding how they have dealt with their health and wellness challenges.

This book is not intended to diagnose, treat, or is otherwise meant to act as or to serve in any capacity as a comprehensive or diagnostic publication. Readers seeking an in-depth look at Mental Health from a clinical perspective will be best served by seeking out books written for and by the Medical community that directly address Mental Health from these clinically-based perspectives. Reaching out to a Mental Health professional is essential to ensure your mental health and wellness care is appropriate for you.

The authors encourage readers to discuss a mental health and wellness protocol specific to their particular needs before undertaking any self-care programs or techniques, including those shared within this publication.

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ISBN: 9781738789702
ISBN-10: 1738789705
Publisher: Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: February 15th, 2023
Pages: 172
Language: English