Roswell: The Chronological Pictorial (Paperback)

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I am almost completely convinced that the object that crashed near Roswell was composed of materials not common on Earth. -Major General Kenner F. Hertford, USA (Ret., Dec. 1995) It was a cover story, the balloon part of it. that part of it, was in fact the story we were told to give to the public and the news and that was it. The actual] remnants, whatever happened to them, I have no knowledge. -Brigadier General Thomas J. DuBose, USAF (Ret., Dec. 1992) The Roswell] craft was extraterrestrial...and at one time may have been at Wright Patterson in an off-limits area. -Brigadier General Harry N. Cordes, USAF (Ret., Dec. 2004) They knew they had something new in their hands. the metal and material was unknown to anyone I talked to. A couple of guys thought it might be Russian, but the overall consensus was that the pieces were from space. -Brigadier General Arthur E. Exon, USAF (Ret., Dec. 2005) I'm sure if there were any answers about Roswell] they would have told him President Clinton] while he was in the White House. -General Wesley K. Clark Sr., USA (Ret.) I have been informed by higher officers at the Pentagon that there still exists a Top Secret UFO project. That's where your Roswell file is. -Brigadier General Richard Mitchell, USA (Ret.)) The stuff I saw, I've never seen anyplace else in my life. It was the strangest thing I ever saw. -General William H. Blanchard, USAF (Dec., 1966)

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